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Name: Marion(Mary) Louise Dahl AKA Baby Doll
Age: 35
Height: 3'5

Appearance: Mary will always retain a youthful look. This does not mean, however, that she by any means looks like a little girl all the time. When she puts her mind to it she can look rather adult. Through several courses of hormone replacement she has taken on a more feminine figure.

History: Mary's mother, Annabella Foster-Dahl only married her husband, Lou Dahl because he had gotten her pregnant. They were young and disowned by their respective middle class families because of it. Mary never knew her grandparents and doesn't think they would have been any better, considering how they treated their pregnant teenage daughter. Mary was born (apparently) normal and healthy. Her mother and father both worked full time and left her in the care of a neighbor most of the time. It took until she was nearly 7 for them to realize she hadn't grown any since she was 4 or 5. The doctors diagnosed her and her father left. He couldn't handle her “disease”, or so he called it. Mary remembered asking if Daddy leaving was her fault, Annabella told her it was.

Annabella always thought her daughter would become famous, she pushed Mary, even at a young age into talent contests (singing mostly). Mary wanted her mother’s acceptance and so tried her best. The studio, who would later produce the show that would make her famous, actually spotted her at one of these competitions. The only time Mary can recall her mother being proud of her is when she was signed on for the show and they got their first check.

Lou Dahl heard about his daughter’s success and tried to re enter her life through reconciling with her mother. He succeeded and became well off along with his wife. Unless Mary was out with them in public, her parents ignored her for the most part, spending more time with the money she made. They did spoil her to a degree, but this was mostly to keep her quiet and happy rather than done out of any kind of love. They eventually had Katherine Dahl (Katie) Mary’s little sister, hoping that she would have the same disorder and thus give them another child who could potentially make them more money. Her little sister is not at all like her and in fact does not have the same condition, she is a perfectly normal little girl, now an adult woman.

At 18, Mary left her show and her oppressive parents, completely disowning them. She wanted and wants nothing to do with them, they try every now and then to reconcile with her, but she has never forgiven them for the way they treated her and for them taking a good chunk of the money she made during her years on the show.

After leaving the show, she sought a true acting career and got a part in a version of Macbeth, but it flopped; the critics calling it and her, an utter failure. She tried to return to TV but the network would not take her back and so she spent the next ten years or so as a recluse, desperate for the fame she once had.

During those years she had time to plan and think about her life, she eventually met a man, Winslow Schott (aka The Toyman), who had a similar urge for revenge. She learned much from him and grew to love him, despite how off kilter he was. However, the relationship quickly ended when she found the plans he had to make himself a woman, a robot that would obey his every command. (of course this failed horribly) Mary left him after finding the plans, without notice. This was followed by a mental breakdown which was a long time in coming, leading her to kidnap her old show's cast, presumably to get them back. Mary actually wanted to kill herself and them. Luckily, Batman stopped her before anything happened. She went to Arkham, where she began hormone treatments to augment her physical appearance in the hopes that this would do away with the Baby Doll personality. And it did for the most part. Until she lost her confidence and took up with Croc, whom she saw as a kindred spirit, someone who understood her for the first time in her life. But she couldn't commit crime as Mary, the only one who could do such things was Baby Doll, and thus her reappearance. Things, of course, were not the way she believed they were. She thought Croc liked her as much as she did. This led to her plan to kill him and herself (and all of Gotham) so they would be together forever.

Again she went back to Arkham and they were able to delve deeper into what Baby Doll represented for Mary and why she needed her. As of now, Mary does not need Baby Doll.

Personality: Mary is usually quite outspoken, she doesn't let any one rain on her parade and she doesn't take lip from people, especially about her “unfortunate” appearance. While her condition does hold her back, she refuses to let people walk around in ignorance about it and will let people know about it. She's snooty and bratty at times, feeling the world owes her for how her life has turned out, people don't understand her. She craves love most of all. She wants to be loved desperately, to the point of letting people step all over her, even when it's obvious they don't love her as much as she loves them.

She is a fairly intelligent person even though at times she can be quite childish. Her childishness usually eclipses any intelligence, but when she acts normal (as normal as she can be) she is eloquent in her speech and passionate about her cause. Being alone so much has given Mary a healthy imagination. She spends a lot of her time reading or watching TV. She can be easily enraged when she is misunderstood or made fun of and this can cause some issues for those who tease her.

Being a recluse for so many years, her self esteem is hindered in many ways. She only took up her Baby Doll act because that was the only way she ever got any notice or praise. Even from her own parents whom she is estranged from. Baby Doll is in many ways, Mary's confidence, her ability to go out without worry or care. It is easier, sometimes, to be a child than an adult. People understand Mary better when she pretends to be a child. Being an adult and her size can be unnerving for some, a fact she understands.

Likes: 50's fashion, Movie Musicals, Musicals, Romance novels, sweets of any kind,
classic films, old Hollywood in general. Shakespeare, 60s/70s/80s music

Dislikes: ignorance, spicy food, crocodiles (scaly jerks!)


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